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As Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair led the charge to save Hillsborough County taxpayers over a billion dollars per year.

Achieved the largest ad valorem tax cut in county history

Co-sponsored property tax relief for combat military personnel

Opposed new tax, rate and fee increases Led the charge to ax the storm water tax resulting in taxpayer savings of more than $300 million

Saved $100,000 on repairs of sidewalks at the County Center

Supported property tax relief for our local combat military personnel

Negotiated savings of $2 million for taxpayers on improvements at intersections in Hillsborough County

Promoted a Florida Tax Watch audit of county budget and policies

Opposed cable television fee increases

Encouraged county staff to list the fiscal impact of every item on the Board of County Commissioners agenda

Championed a re-evaluation of county flood maps resulting in the re-designation of more than 5,890 homes that were not in the flood zone area saving homeowners thousands of dollars in property insurance premiums

Persuaded the Board of County Commissioners to augment the county's Hispanic Liaison Office staff

Proposed construction and expansion of athletic fields and parks throughout our county for the enjoyment of all residents

Demonstrated zero-tolerance for hate crimes perpetrated against ethnic and racial minorities

Strongly supported the establishment of a employee wellness center

Championed and proposed naming a county Fire and Rescue Station in honor of Gilbert Rodriguez

Preserved funding for the Central Brandon Fire Station

Founded a program requiring photographs of sexual predators to be prominently displayed at parks and recreation centers

Assisted in the development of Child Safety Zones prohibiting sexual predators in areas frequented by children and seniors

Created an additional $15,000 homestead tax exemption for seniors (must ask Property Appraiser for form to fill out)

Began nation’s first Senior Zone to calm traffic near senior housing facilities – this resulted in added safety and represents a huge savings of more than $12 million in tax dollars – the program was nationally named “Most Innovative Program” and has received Five, State and National awards.

Moved for creation and separation of the Sun City Center Community Plan in order to protect and preserve the unique nature of this community

Championed provision of "new" taxi services to Sun City Center, Ruskin and other South County areas currently under-served by such transportation services

Supported funding for purchase and conservation of ELAPP lands

Launched a discussion to streamline, clarify and establish uniformity within the regulations of the Environmental Protection Commission

Led the adoption of a plan for wetlands protection resulting in transparency, openness, fairness and equality in the evaluation and protection of our community’s natural resources

Encouraged low-flow shower heads to conserve water and money to H.C. water customers

Five year volunteer of Florida Lake watch

Led the charge for a $450,000 Power Generator for USF

Led BOCC to use the $52 million dollars set aside for “Championship Park” to improve existing Parks, countywide, Championship Soccer Fields and other Youth activity.

Chaired Hartline Study Group resulting in the proposal of new methods of bus and mini-transport utilization throughout our county along with BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). Started Zero Cost Bus Shelter Program

Encouraged a business approach to establishing mass transportation routes which help increase utilization

Encouraged and increased utilization of public/private cooperative agreements

Championed ADA improvements in the Hartline system

Worked to allocate a major portion of Community Investment Funding for our infrastructure including an additional $180 million for roads and storm water needs

Worked to halt towing of private automobiles from public business parking locations

Helped balance 4 billion dollar Budget

Helped County go from A+ Bond rating to AAA Bond Rating in 3 ½ years (1 of only 2 counties to achieve this out of 67)

Saved Hillsborough County Tax payers over 500 million dollars and growing (Does not include the multi-millions of dollars that property owners will save (currently a person with $200,000 of Ad-Valorum tax, saves about $440.00 dollars per year and Growing!)

Created Nation’s first “Senior Zones” which saves the county over 12 million plus a tremendous safety feature (Voted the Nations most Innovative Government program in 2005, plus 5 other National awards)

Created Nations first Mileage reduction fund for Tax relief and accountability

Created County’s first “Suspense Calendar” for Transparency and accountability

Helped augment Hillsborough Counties automatic 7% pay raise for over 6,500 plus employees to 2.5% in 4 years (this number is not figured into the other 500 million plus savings to our taxpayers

Started Nations First “Predator in the Park” program to protect our Youth from Sexual Predators

Championed Hartline Bus Shelter Program at zero cost to our county, via RFP Advertising right trade off. (They are popping up everywhere!)

Co-Sponsored the first Spending Cap for any county in Florida.

Chaplin of the BOCC for 3 years

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